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7 Led solar lawn light, waterproof IP65 high efficiency solar garden decoration led spot light wall lamp 2 Pack

Warm White
Cold White

When would you choose solar LED garden lights? 

Taking everything into account, the best uses for solar powered garden lights are for decoration and some illumination. Use them to highlight a certain feature, mark the edges of a garden path or patio area, or create atmosphere in an outdoor dining area.

 If illumination is your primary requirement then mains or battery powered garden lights will be the better option.

 This solar spot lights outdoor are great choice for security and decoration of your garden,yard,patio,outdoor.Choose changeable colors mode or lock it on the one color you prefer, decorating your garden more beautiful at night, every day is a beautiful day.

During the daytime, they are well charged, and absorbing solar energy. At dusk, they literally pop up and light up, giving you lights along a pathway, driveway, deck or dock that aren't in your way during the day.

Easy to install and use, completely wireless.  

 What to look for when purchasing solar LED garden lights?

1) The solar panel;

    The first feature to look at is the size of the solar panel. The larger the solar panel, the more charge it can provide during

     daylight hours, and therefore the greater light output and duration.

2) Battery life;

    Our solar powered garden light built-in 2200mah rechargeable battery, it can use 10-12 hrs while full charged.

 3) IP rating

   Completely weather resistant. Each light works independently. 

 4) Installation instructions

    One of the main selling points of solar LED lights is their convenience and ease of use.