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Essential Oil Diffuser , 400ml Aroma diffuser, Bluetooth speaker and gorgeous lamp in one! 8 Colors LED Lights Auto Shut-off,Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Aroma diffuser, Bluetooth speaker and gorgeous lamp in one!

This is 5 in 1 intelligent diffuser,and he is the best among all.He has a bluetooth speaker,easy to install and use the program on your phone.Makes a romantic mood in my bedroom with relaxing music and 8 color lights,can be used as a nightlight.Can be used with aroma of essential oil.He is beautiful and magical,with aromalife ,you can control light,mist,mist time,music and get get good emotions,help sleep well.My best gift for myself.

amazing oil diffuser
Bought this oil diffuser few weeks ago. Working great with app. Same as IOS and android. Also can be used without apps just on its own. There is speaker as well which is working well. Can by oils, then it is nice scents in the room. Not noisy. I really like thak you can do everything from your phone. Definitely would recommend this oil diffuser.

Great modern looking app controlled Bluetooth diffuser and speaker!
Bought this modern looking aroma diffuser for our beauty salon. Specially to use as a aroma diffuser and the Bluetooth speaker to play relaxing music into the massage room. It’s brilliant modern design caught few eyes already! The app controlled functions such as on/off, light control, music, volume etc. Are next to none. Loving the long lasting diffusing ability for at least 11 to 12 hours. Ideal for massage rooms and beauty salon.

This is the best diffuser I have ever seen, he is really beautiful, when he’s turned one he look like eruption flaming steam, when is dark in the room it looks really handsome. Speaker is fitted inside diffuser which works with Bluetooth. You can fit in diffuser 400 milligrams of water, and you can add a pill of oil and enjoy the smell, view and sound. Recommend! Better defused than this you can’t find!

I'm very happy with my diffuser-it works well, it looks brilliant with beautiful wooden like finish, the colour changing option has Wow effect on my visitors. It's easy to use, very light to move from one room to another. Initially I didn't stick to the instruction to use 2-3 drops of oil and put more and the smell of the essential oil was very strong. Now only with a few drops the air in the room is changed and feels fresher. I am excited and can highly recommended this product.

Love in first sight with all the colourful lights! Amazed with the wood swirly design on the top. Things come perfect when music on for my yoga time and it is absolutely enjoyable moment after a long day work.