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Essential Oil Diffuser with Bluetooth Speaker, 400ml Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser,8 Colors LED Lights Auto Shut-off,Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

This is the most stylish and coolest aroma diffuser I`ve ever seen!

What is that? Is this a lamp? Not only. Is this an Aroma diffuser? Not only. What is it in real? This is a Aroma diffuser, Bluetooth speaker and gorgeous lamp in one! The design is stylish and the wooden look fits perfectly in any type of room design. My wife uses the Essential Oil Diffuser in her yoga room and the atmosphere is really relaxing. We put only 1 - 2 drops and the air in the room feels fresher with good aroma. The Bluetooth speaker is good and surprisingly loud, and you can control pretty everything from the app. Last, but not least it automatically shuts off when the water tank is empty, and this is very important safety feature if you don`t want to buy new every time when you forgot to fill the water tank. This product is simply the best. All of my family love it. Strongly recommended it! 

Amazing Diffuser!
I use it during the night and I am pleased that it does not make noise and refreshes the air in the room by eliminating unpleasant odors. It has automatic shutdown and can sleep safely. Different and delicate colors lights create a good state of my own. I use natural oils in this adorable diffuser that helps me maintain excellent health. Since I've been using this diffuser, my sleep has improved a lot and I feel much more relaxed.
For me it is a real jewel with beautiful and elegant design. I recommend this diffuser with warmth.

Very beautiful humidifier
I fell in love with this humidifier.
Firstly, It has a speaker!! I would put the humidifier in my kids room, add lavender oil, put on white noise through Bluetooth and it DID help them sleep better.
Details on top makes it a very fancy and nice piece of decor.
When i add essenccial oil, as stated in instructions, my room starts smelling so nice within couple of minutes.
It is very easy to clean, by pouring out water every two days (if left) and giving it a wipe.
It is easy to use even without downloading an application.
The humidifier does not make any noise when it's on.
Overall, very nice looking and great humidifier. Love it!