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Essential Oils Set 100% Pure Natural Plant Aromatherapy Kit Therapeutic Grade Oils,Essential oil Aromatherapy Gift Set Top 14 Essential Oil Gift Set 100% Pure Essential Oil


A light and fresh lemony scent along with earthy understones, lemongrass essential oil is an amazing herb for creating relaxation and stablility for the mind. It helps relieve muscle aches and pains and kills harmful bacteria. It provides the skin with numerous great vitamins and is a natural antiseptic. It therefore relieves aches and boosts energy.

  Sweet orange

A breath of fresh air this tangy. Citrus oil is the sweetest of all essential oils. The rich component d-timonene helps maintain normal cellular regenration and releases a natural, calming effect. A sweet treat for the senses, this scent geherates a positive attitude and create relaxation for a calm spirit


The eucalyptus plant, which grows on the coast of Australia, produces the amazing eucalyptus essential oils. Its unique scent is a combination of a sweet mint and a spicy pine aroma. For anyone suffering from a cough, cold or heavy congestion, eucalyptus is the solution, with its powerful ability to improve respiratory issues. It is a natural antiinflammatory which cures any irritation of the skin and hydrates damaged tissues

 Tea tree 

A distinct smell of a clove spice combined with a pine aroma, characterizes this essential oil. Its powerful antiseptic properties wipe out harmful bacteria to quickly heal wounds and prevent future infections. When applied to the skin. It produces a cooling sensations that awakens dull, dehydrate skin to leave you feeling entirely refreshed. Go ahead and use its refreshing qualities to naturally disinfect the air throughout your home to create an invigorating, homey scent


It has a delightful minty& refreshing scent, what we know of as a pungent menthol. It has an abundance of health restorative properties and is used as a calming and medicinal aroma to treat various organs in the body. It assists in alleviating muscle pain, relieving anxiety and soothing gastrontestinal tissues. A bit of this powerful oil will revive the mind, body and soul


Lavender essential oils is the essence of pure calmness&relaxation. This versatile oil provides a light scent which boost the spirit while transitioning moods to the ultimate state of calmness. Allow your pain, stress and anxiety to drift away with this therapeutic cure.