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Steamer for Clothes [New 2019] Powerful Handheld Portable Steam Iron. Achieve 7 Tasks-in-1: Garment Ironing. Steam Cleaner. Sanitize. Refresh. Treat and more. for Home/Curtain/Travel/Luggage [black]

  • ❤️ NEW RELEASE ADVANCED STEAMING TECHNOLOGY - No Wrinkle Is Too Tough For GXZOCK ! Impeccably Ironed And Wrinkle-free Clothes Right Away. New Hi-tech Micro-heating Panel That Heats Up The Water Reservoir Within Just 60 Secs. Powerful Smoothing Steam Flow For Home Multi-use: Mini Iron, Clean, Sterilize, Treat, Refresh, Humidify
  • SURPERIOR DESIGNED CLOTHES STEAMER: The portable handy handheld steam iron flouts its size with its performance. Perfectly wrinkle remover with the modern efficient nozzle designed. This allows steamer to distribute steam powerfully and consistently to remove stubborn creases, keep your clothes pressed and you looking professional in your workplace.
  • ❤️ SUPERIOR WRINKLE REMOVER - Powerful Clothes Steamer, Highly Effective And Gentle For All Kinds Of Garments Or Fabric. Instantly Erase Wrinkles From Suits, Shirts, Dresses, And Delicates, Even Drapery Or Beddings. Perfect For Prime Last-minute Ironing Emergencies: Save Time, Money, And Don't Let Tricky Creases And Wrinkles Ruin Your Moments Or Trips
  • PERFECT TANK CAPACITY AND FAST HEATING: Through market research, we have found that the 150ml capacity steamer is more popular and suitable for home and travel. It can meet your needs without wasting more water. And steamer for clothes heats quickly to emit wrinkle-busting steam in 60 sec, lasts for 7-10 minutes of continuous steaming to emit wrinkle-busting perfectly! 
  • SAFETY PROTECTION: You have to turn off the steam iron when it is not in use and when water is running out. Else, it will have an effect on the service life of this steamer. There is also available an automatic shut-off function when the unit gets too hot or the water level is too low.