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UV Blacklight Flashlight, with UV Sunglasses Super Bright 100 LED # 1 Best Powerful Black Light Flashlight 395NM Ultraviolet Urine Detector Flashlight for Home & Hotel Inspection, Pet Urine & Stain De

  • EXTREME POWERFUL UV FLASHLIGHT - Ultra intensity 18 W 385-395 nm 100 LED uv flashlight-engineered enhanced LED bulbs, Gaven black light UV flashlight is 50% Brighter than other lights. Scan scorpions and pet urine at 50ft without walking around aimlessly or break your back bent over carpet.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - Emits 395nm wavelength with 100 top quality ultraviolet led lights, each LED lasts up to 12 years. Very strong and lightweight, impact resistant military grade aluminum weighing.
  • DETECT LARGER AREA WITH BRIGHTER LIGHT - This UV Light has 100 UV LEDs which is much Brighter than 51 led uv lights. It Also covers larger area without weaken the light. UV sight Will pinpoint the areas with ease, no need to steam clean the entire carpet or crawl around sniffing the floor any longer.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL- Our UV flashlight is perfect for revealing dry dog, cat and rodent stains and unfavourable spots that couldn't See with the naked eye. Easily spot scorpions. You can also use this blacklight to detects some kinds of fake money, jewelleries, collections and so on. Outside usage such as finding scorpions and minerals.
  • POWERED SOURCE - Battery Operated. Powered by 6 X AA batteries, they are not included in the package.