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Wood Base and glass waterless aroma essential oil nebulizer diffuser

Function of Wood Base and glass waterless aroma essential oil nebulizer diffuser 

ALL Natural Wood Base and Natural Glass bottle diffuser and Glass Cap – No plastics or artificial materials come in contact with the oils. NO WATER to dilute the scent or to grow mold. NO HEAT to change the therapeutic properties of your oils.

Easy to maintain. Include adaptor. The aroma diffuser run a cycle of 5 mins on, 3 mins off. It will be auto turn off after running 2 hour for extending the pump life. 

Perfect decor for relaxing and get a calming, restful therapeutic sleep tonight, or set up an evening of romance and joy with fresher, cleaner smelling air.

The aroma diffuser give you room a freshclean scent. The mist masks smoking & other tobacco smells, cigars, dog, cat and other pet / animal odors. Decorate a dorm, nursery, office, spa, yoga, bedroom, bathroom, livingroom, RV, church, etc.

great birth day gift for a friend, teacher, bride, groom, dad, wife, marriage guests, anniversary couple, men, women, teen girls, parents, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, mom & business retirement gift.

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 Do You Love Having a Pleasant Scent in Your Home?

 This time, Nebulizing Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser can save you. It can serve both the aesthetic and therapeutic purposes of essential oils treatment. By the spread of essential oil microparticles into the air, it will add oxygen molecule to the air and essential oils help effectively eliminate the odor, which can create an comfortable environment for living.

 To Relax Your Body

As the pace of life is increasing, people may easily to be tired, anxious and hard to get sleep. The Nebulizing Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser for Aromatherapy Home Fragrance control the smooth mist for long time, it will add oxygen molecule to the air, if adding several drops of lavender oils, it will be more helpful to relax your body and fall asleep faster.